Stivax Procedures Made Easier: Use the SolaceT to Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Productivity

If your medical practice treats patients with the Stivax system, you know that the procedure is relatively simple and quick.  Most patients are in and out of your offices in about 15 minutes or so.  However, certain patients may present with more challenges than others. And on the wrong day, even 15 minutes can seem like an eternity for you or the patient.  That’s why Solace Advancement developed the SolaceT – a device to make Stivax procedures more efficient, more accurate and easier to document for reimbursement.

Faster Adjustments

Stivax devices are set to a specific output level prior to packaging.  In each subsequent patient follow-up visit, adjustments should be made based on efficacy and comfort.  With a little practice, most clinicians can master the magnetic wand used to adjust the devices output levels.  However, the device doesn’t display its current output setting. If you’re rushed or not paying attention, you can lose track of where the device is set.  If you lose track, the device level must be increased all the way to level 16 to confirm a baseline – this can take a couple of minutes if the initial setting was on a lower level.  With the SolaceT practice aid, clinicians can quickly confirm the output setting on the LCD screen.  

Immediate Validation for the Patient

Not all patients are created equal. We recognize that some ask more questions than others.  And some may have strong opinions as to whether output should be increased or decreased.  With the SolaceT, patients can see the difference in level setting as the clinicians adjusts the device.  Seeing the level go up or down provides immediate validation for the patient that device is indeed set to a different level.  For certain patients, this can reduce anxiety with the procedure.  

More Accurate Medical Records

With the digital LCD readout, you can be certain you’ve set a Stivax device to a specific output level.  As with any neurostimulator, successful treatment is a combination of patient comfort and efficacy, optimized through adjustment in current levels.  With the LCD readout confirming the exact output level each time an adjustment is made, you can be confident your records are providing an accurate picture of treatment history.  
As with any practice efficiency aid, success with the SolaceT relies on proper training and consistent use.  If your practice requires instruction or a refresher on best practices for use, please feel free to contact Solace Advancement for assistance.



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